About UMA’s Principal: Gypsy C. Gallardo

Gypsy is CEO of the Power Broker Media Group and Urban Market Analytics, a Florida-based firm that specializes in designing, funding and evaluating place-based solutions for economic equity in majority-black, low-income communities. She has 27 years of experience in the field of community economic development and has worked with 40+ development organizations – public and private, in the U.S. and overseas – to design national, statewide, regional, city and sub-city initiatives that helped accelerate job creation, business growth, commercial revitalization, and employment gains. Read Gypsy’s full bio

Dan Duncan

In his current role, Dan brings a wealth of Results-Based Accountability (RBA), Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD), and Collective Impact experience to Clear Impact clients across the country. He uses this extensive experience to help clients and communities achieve even greater community-level results. Dan also has extensive professional management experience in the nonprofit, educational, and for-profit professional service sectors. He has used this experience to provide training and consultation both nationally and internationally.

Most recently, Dan served as the Owner/Lead Consultant of H. Daniels Duncan Consulting, where he provided national and international consulting, training, and public speaking on ABCD, RBA, Collective Impact, strategic planning, nonprofit management, board governance, fundraising, and outcomes measurement. He has authored several publications on these topics, including the white paper: United Way Collective Impact: the Power of ABCD and RBA. In addition to his consulting practice, Dan has served as a faculty member of the Asset-Based Community Development Institute at Northwestern University for 20 years. Read Dan’s full bio

Gwendolyn D. Reese

Gwendolyn Reese is the President and CEO of Peaten Reese Peaten Consulting, Inc., providing professional development and consultation services to individuals and organizations in Florida and beyond. She is a contracted consultant with Federation Of Childcare Centers of Alabama (FOCAL)/Alabama Institute of Social Justice (AISJ) and the Healthy Start Federal Project at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in her hometown of St. Petersburg, FL.

Ms. Reese has considerable experience in conference planning and workshop facilitation spanning a period of more than thirty years. She designs, develops and currently facilitates workshops in the areas of Internalized Oppression Individual and Institutional Racism, Cultural Competence, Implicit Bias, Valuing Diversity, Diversity Management, Community Mobilization and Engagement, Intent vs. Impact, Leadership, Staff Development, Board Recruitment and Development, Team Building, Strategic Planning, Sustainability Planning and other related topics. She has facilitated workshops, participated in panel discussions and delivered keynote addresses throughout the Southeast. Read Gwen’s full bio

Michelle Auriana Simmons

Michelle Auriana Simmons is a public engagement and communications professional with over 25 years of experience, working in various aspects of communications and media. She specializes in creating community outreach programs for federal, state and municipal projects. During her career she has worked with the many diverse groups of people in South Florida, ensuring their participation in the decision-making process for a variety of major projects affecting their community.

She serves as the project liaison to elected officials, boards, agencies and special interest groups and continues to provide consultation services in the area of public relations for various municipalities and counties in Central and South Florida as well as on behalf of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). Read Michelle’s full bio